Digital downloads now available

I’ve taken my coloring book, Kickin it New School, and made it available as a digital download! You can now purchase it for a lower price than the print version, and you’ll have infinite access to color and recolor, or just to use as reference. It’s good reference, trust me.

You like that? Sure you do, I know what you like. I don’t actually know, but I;m a smooth talker. So click the picture, get the whole kit n caboodle.

Oh, and you can get 4 FREE sample pages HERE if you want to test the waters.

Now Taking Commissions

Due to the closure of Art Machine Productions during the COVID-19 pandemic, I won’t be able to tattoo until further notice. As you can imagine, that’s a repeated kick in the teeth for all of us who rely on direct client interaction to earn our pay. Every day out is a loss.

To soften the blow, I’m taking commissions for artwork of all types. Pen, marker, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, assemblage, whatever. Prices starting as low as $40, no project too big or small.

If you’re interested in commissioning art from me, email, or contact me through any of my social media sites.

If you would like to support in other ways, you can purchase existing artwork through my online store or my social media accounts. You can also find tees, hoodies, and other merch on TeePublic. You can also check out my unique vintage records, books, and decor on my Etsy account.

Thank you for continuing to support independent artists and small business through these difficult times. We will all make it through if we continue to lean on each other for the support we need.